Inflated Ego

I just sat in on a lecture by Stephen H Schneider on Global Warming, Political Policy, and the common disconnects in mass media and public epistemology. After talking with him afterwords he joked about people hitting him up for jobs. I laughingly said "yeah and if you have any advice about graduate programs I'm all ears" He paused, looked back at me, and then said, "E-mail me. Tell me who you are and where you met me so I remember. I'm easy to find"

The man is one of the Nobel winners in the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change and a major speaker in Kyoto and Copenhagen. He's been doing major analysis on climate change since the 70's. And my old ecology professor interjected on me behalf to him. When I explained that I was at one time a biology major, he noted to the group that I was in fact a very good biologist.

Another prof from philosophy was there and said much the same of my contributions to the Zizek reading group.

I'm feeling rather complimented at the moment. And I'm more glad than ever that I'm taking the roundabout path to grad school. Direction is so much easier to find when you have your bearings sorted....even if they are all constructs.

I need to write more.
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A year

So its been over a year since i did anything here. That's what I get for clearing my history bar.....out of sight out of mind. Hello to everyone. Its been a hermetic year and I will likely continue this stint indefinitely. My brain is tired. Vacations are never restful. I spent all day yesterday cleaning cat cages for a local shelter, before that long overdue errands. And the reading list grows higher.

I'm reading All that is Solid Melts into Air by Marshal Berman. I think it is the other half of my sensei's notes from senior year. If only I'd known that then. It rocks. Anyone hating on Marx can shove it and then maybe actually read what he said and not give into a societal knee jerk reaction. Humanities degrees exist for a reason.

Why is it discourse about modernity and the paradigm shifts within it, with all of the chaos and decay of meaning some how are calming to me? Do i harmonize with discord or just like the pretty words. mmmmm mmm theory. All is philosophy.

which reminds me. Slavoj Zizek is coming to Loyola in November. I'm in the faculty reading group that's putting it on if anyone needs info.

I need coffee.

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I think listening to Sweeney Todd to much has managed to help shape a paper. The hollow and hypocritical nature of Justice touted by a society of thumbed and tongued beasts brutalizing themselves and everything around them. Maybe smashing pumpkins for the final draft

in other news I got Karatani Kojin drunk
this was awesome for me. (He is intellectually scarier than gonz)

I have found I am more nostalgic about my last day of class than my last nights studying for exams. The paper may be more fun, anti-humanist, and will hopefully not be construed as all out nihilism.

I declare today lame, simply lame.

My life is anime in translation transcribed to 'real' events

Woke up late this morning
a storm was really rolling
frogs and dogs are raining from the skyyy
everything seems awkward to me
nothings just as it should be
if this keeps on I'm sure I won't get by
but then when i close my eyes and try to smile
i know things are bad and getting worse
but after all this i can rest a while
and then I'll party party

party party join us join us
party party join us join us
shake your blues away

Things are far to literary. Metaphor springs up in daylight; no longer bound to the fantastic realm of night time reflection. so now what? where now?

Life makes more sense when you're being dragged by a kite.

"Times are not good here, The city is crumbling into ashes. It has been buried under a lava flood of taxes and frauds and maladministrations so that it has become only a study for archeologists... But is is better to live here in sackcloth and ashes, than to own the whole state of Ohio."
-Lafcadio Hearn

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WTUL has become a major part of my audio life over the last several months.
The DJ is playing Chomsky's Discourse on Clinton and NAFTA between Jazz sets. That is so sexy.
Better still the rain is fading to occasional rolls of thunder.

A series of questions

I've spent the last two days at work flirting with art teachers Well flirting as much as one can while cheerfully pointing out how society is fucked up, especially starbucks. It always makes the time fly by at work.

In other job related news: I quit! Time to find something for my post-pseudo granulation.
If anyone knows something I'd be good at or something that needs doing let me know.

Random question in the name of eccentric dining experiences:
Does anyone know any naturally occurring blue food. Actually blue, not purple...BLUE..."you blue....."

The idea is this. a multi-course meal in which each course is a different color through the spectrum or color wheel. It's amazing how little food is specifically not blue. If only ground smurf wasn't so damnded expensive and fictive in consistency.

Finally, should my plans go to shit, or overly well. Does anyone want to escape to pirated waters for two or three weeks. I need a crew or a mate.....someone to kite.....after i've exhausted myself on the water.
It's twelve thirty do you know where your escapist tendencies are?

to far into the maelstrom

Dear friends,
You have lost me. Probably forever. I was up three times today.
I can barely move now.
Still, I know tomorrow will be the same.

this article describes ,very well, the beast whose jaws I find myself.

The wife is right to resolve herself so.
He was lost to her the in those first moments.
He was right to leave her. It's better up there.

It is a sad relationship to be so bound to a junkie.
The addiction chisels the body down.
The gleam in his eyes after being gone for hours.

The eyes that search out the next fix.
I now have them too.

If I turn up missing, don't worry. I'm most likely in the Dominican Republic.
I'll come back when the money runs out.

and I can always use a good drug buddy

Reflections while studying for an exam

My grandparents live in a small town in the mountains of Virginia. I lived there briefly as a child and saw it as beautiful and pastoral surrounded by the Appalachians which i lovingly thought of as "my blue mountains." Most of my youth was spent in cities. My urban experiences allowed me to condescendingly call it "the town time forgot" peppered with a nostalgia for moments of my childhood.

Now i see that it is not that time forgot the country it is that it flows over it more slowly from the ticking cities of the enlightenment. the country houses the fragments of life before empiricized time. Time and space are compressed in the cities along with the cities inhabitants. Increased pressure in a system requires an outlet of energy that energy is released though fluxes and changes in culture. I thought it was time forgot the country. Time was born from the city. It is part of the exothermic reaction that is modern civilization.

My grandmother is so pleased that a Walmart is moving into her town because its bringing jobs to the area.
The parking lot is build on what was the pasture of the towns largest farm. I played with their children when I was young. The grocery store lies where the old barn used to be.

I've often scorn my grandmother for her conservative country mentality. Now i brood in abject pity that it is the city that allowed me to see more of the world, do understand the idea of "landscape" and "text" the same city that encroaches and destroys the only pastoral images of my youth.

As I start to appreciate and understand the country it is swallowed up by the behemoth i once took for a great god of culture.
Now I see the worlds as a single landscape i love and loath, and everywhere the pressure is building and time is speeding up

A rock falls through a paradigm

Pre Modern:
Rain falls to the ground because (Big Mystical Force) says so

Rain falls to the ground because of the natural flow of water, which may or may not be powered by (Big Mystical Force)

The rock falls because it was destined to the moment of the big bang. Its fall is the result of a mathmatical mechanism. The rock never had a choice in the matter. And for that matter do I?
.....Big Mystical Force presumed dead or unimportant to argument

Post Modern:
The rock falls short of winning the nobel peace prize for zen editing. BMF is that a craigslist personals code?